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Real Outcome of GATE preparation is to get a top rank. Exergic is the ONLY institute consistently producing GATE Toppers through Online Courses since 2016.

Consistent Top Ranks in GATE ME, XE, PI
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Our Online Courses delivered the BEST Rank, yet again!
GATE Mech : 2023
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GATE Mech : 2022
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GATE Mechanical is the flagship branch for PSUs and M.Tech. Our GATE Mechanical top ranks are unbeatable by any other online course since 2016.
37 Ranks in Top 50
41 Ranks in Top 100
60% Selections from Video Courses
Engg Science + Production & Industrial
GATE XE + PI are leading branch for M.Tech through IITs / IISc. Our Course has been 1st choice of XE and PI aspirants since launch
39 Ranks in Top 50
47 Ranks in Top 100
57% Selections from Video Courses
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Reasons to choose EXERGIC.

Expert in
Online preparation
Started in 2016, Exergic is India’s MOST Experienced for Online GATE Preparation! We know what works best for Online preparation.
Leader in
GATE Mechanical
India’s only established institute which is purely GATE Mechanical-Focused. Undoubtedly, the Best for GATE Mechanical.
Exergic produces
Majority online courses never produce ranks. Exergic is the only institute consistently producing GATE Toppers through Online Courses.

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