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How to prepare for GATE with college

Tested Strategies & Guidance to crack GATE with a college
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There are a lot of things that happen while you are in college. You finally choose to major in a subject that you genuinely liked and wanted to grow in, and you start choosing your own friends from a pool of people on campus, unlike from school when your best friend accidentally happened to be a person who sat across from you all these years!  You are given a variety of opportunities to jump right in, and it is thrilling and exciting at the same time.

But what happens when you are looking forward to something that happens after college, as you graduate? What happens when your goal is set to the opportunities that come after you’ve crossed the threshold that is a university degree?

It can be a prestigious job, an exam or both! By both, we mean the competitive exams in our country like GATE, who gives its students the opportunity to dangle with PSUs like Indian Oil, BSNL, and more, or educational institutions such as the mighty IITs across the country, only at the cost of a student/aspirants’ diligence, hard work, and sweat!  But this can be a tough task especially when a student has to go through hours and hours of coursework for graduating, sit through long lectures for months only for the sake of that 75% attendance (seems like a milestone, doesn’t it?), and dealing with class participation and more!

If you’re going through this same issue, we’re giving you a few tips and tricks that might help you out, so keep reading!

Start your preparations from the 3rd year itself.

If you are a B.Tech student, preparing from the third year itself can work wonders for you. The fourth-year is riddled with the worries of placements, project work, and sappy farewells, so preparing from the third year itself will make you the emperor of planning. In the third year, you are relatively old to the culture of your college but don’t share as many responsibilities as graduates or final year students, so take advantage of this stagnant time, clear all the syllabus within this year and then use the final year for furnishing your preparations.

Don’t carry a pile of college assignments with you home!

Instead of indulging in activities that will give you a temporary boost of dopamine, like college activities and friends and more, try engaging in activities that will have a long-term impact on your life. Of course, you can’t get your way out of college assignments without getting a blow on your CGPA, but you can definitely wiggle some study in your free time at college. Of course, you can’t study focus+concentration heavy concepts during your college hours, but you can definitely work on your college assignments with a little bit of help from your faculty and classmates here and there. So don’t take college assignments with you back home, instead finish them in your college time only. And in the rest of the time at home that you have for spare, you can focus on all the tricky and time-consuming theories and concepts.

Set your priorities straight!

You might come across a lot of instances in your college life where things might distract you. For example, your friends might be participating in a fun, cool event and giving their best to prepare for it. Of course, you’re not interested in this fun, cool event but the FOMO is catching up to you, which is further leading you to consider joining your friends more and more. If FOMO is the only reason, it is recommended that you introspect a little and ask yourself what your priorities really are. Take a five-minute exercise and see if this event holds any significant value to you, rather than just missing out, and then analyze and re-analyse if clearing an exam like GATE will impact your life in any positive way, and then take your decisions accordingly. If the fruits that the GATE exams bear have any significance to you, you’ll always choose a pen, a paper, and solitude that will help you focus on your learnings.

We hope these few tips help you manage your time accordingly at college! We wish you the best of luck in the exams that you’re aiming for, and your future!

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Chandresh Mahajan
Exergic Founder (GATE AIR-37), Cracked GATE in 1st attempt WITH College

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