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How many faculties teach at Exergic?

The answer to this question is extremely crucial to know, especially for GATE industry. Otherwise you will end up wasting a lot of time and resources with the wrong course.
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Before answering this question, let me tell you the BIGGEST problem with current Education Sector : Teachers / Faculties have no loyalty towards students and towards any institute.

It sounds harsh, I know. But it is the truth!

Let me explain that:

Suppose you want to learn from some specific faculty. So you joined the institute in which he was teaching. You paid entire amount and joined the course he was teaching in. You felt very happy!

But just few weeks/months after you joined that institute, the faculty left it and joined another institute! What about you? Now you are stuck in the previous institute and you feel cheated.

These things waste your time and disturb your flow of preparation.

If you think this will NOT happen to you, you are WRONG. Since last many months, this is a normal trend in GATE industry and preparation of thousands of aspirants is negatively affected every year due to this.

Now let me tell you a FACT: Since when we started, EXERGIC Faculties never switched any institute. All EXERGIC faculties are stable and working with long-term vision. Every Exergic student has been able to prepare throughout the year without any disturbance and time-wastage.

We have 3 SAME faculties since 2016 :

  1. Chandresh Mahajan : Faculty of GATE Mechanical engineering.
  2. Madhurima Chattopadhyay  : Faculty of General Aptitude
  3. Gaurav Kumar : Faculty of Engineering Mathematics

Now, another question that may come to your mind is:

Why Single Faculty for Mechanical technical content? Why Not More?

It is a VERY Important question. Knowing its answer will be an Eye-opener for you!

Watch the video below. You will get all your answers :

This video is MUST for Every Mechanical Engineer. It will transform you and your GATE Rank !

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Chandresh Mahajan
Exergic Founder & Ex-IOCL Officer

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