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3 problems every GATE Aspirant face

..and how YOU can prevent them !
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While clearing the GATE exams with flying colours provides a variety of majestic prospects to its students all across the country, preparing for this exam is a strenuous and challenging task in itself. It’s an uphill battle that the GATE aspirants fight for at least a year if they intend on succeeding.

Even when the students feel content with their preparations, dedicate extensive hours each day to the coursework, are strict and rigorous with themselves, and stick to an austere and uncompromising schedule, they still face these three grave obstacles that can put their progress and advancement for this exam to an abrupt halt despite the best of their efforts. These problems can apply to the newcomers who are yet to experience this exam in full motion, as well as repeaters who have already attempted this exam and still haven’t achieved targeted results, and are yet to unlock their highest potential.

Problem #1 — Having a fair understanding of the concepts, but being unable to apply them to practice.

Understanding a concept and applying it to practice are two mutually exclusive things. While most students can easily grasp a concept and know the ins and outs of the topic, memorize it to its core, and be familiar with it for years, many aspirants struggle to apply a simple formula to practice if the sentence in the question is phrased in a slightly different and trickier way than usual.

As all GATE aspirants know, GATE Mechanical is not a theoretical exam, but rather a numerical one through and through. The scaffold that GATE Mechanical students are given envisions them to be problem solvers and come up with pragmatic solutions to issues, and then implement them to practice successfully. What the GATE exam doesn’t expect from its students, especially from those who indulge in the study of mechanics, is for them is to mug up theories and write them down on a piece of paper. That contradicts the most crucial essence of the exam and the domain of mechanics in itself.

Many students struggle to understand this and as a result, are unable to succeed in this exam. Exergic makes their students immerse in a series of tests and question banks for their students to actively bypass this simple mistake. If a student is enrolled in an Exergic Course, he will be posed with a variety of questions daily that makes him practical towards any topic and in turn, better equipped for the exam.

Problem #2 —Failing to choose a reliable source for your learnings.

Having the right faculty is essentially the most significant factor in clearing the GATE exams. One needs access to specifically curated content which is as per the current GATE exam trends and patterns. A qualified faculty can serve as this “reliable source.” They can urge you to push yourself towards the right track, tell you where you’re slacking off with the coursework that they offer, and give you a reality check by telling you what area needs more refinement. Failure to have access to this key factor will increase the chances of any aspirant being directionless and disassembled.

Exergic has extremely competent and qualified faculty for every domain that they offer, a sea of recorded video and live lectures that accommodate students in their learnings through and through. They also provide test series, question banks, and a premium doubt-solving group for doubts and queries that will come in handy to any dedicated student.

Problem #3 —Only including theoretical learnings and ignoring numerical methods altogether

Not all concepts can be covered, absorbed, implemented, or taught theoretically. A lot of the repeaters already know this but newcomers might not realise it whilst they're making this mistake.

Since GATE Mechanical is largely a numerical exam, a student needs to indulge in the practice of numbers to properly understand and grasp even the most basic concepts of engineering such as mass balance, energy balance, or moment of conservation. Even these basic concepts have so many numerical links tied to them that it makes learning with numericals almost mandatory. Besides, GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, and numerical can test a student’s aptitude far better than theoretical concepts ever can.

Now, since we have observed, examined, and acknowledged the three major obstacles that a majority of students are facing, we should advance towards the solution. Exergic Pro!

Exergic PRO is a dedicated course towards solving all these three obstacles combined. It precisely focuses on improving, developing, and expanding a student's numerical capabilities. It is a full-year course with excellent and qualified faculty,  doubt support, and video content of 350-400 hours in the form of detailed and in-depth solved numerical problems each. It is a course that provokes you to think like an examiner! It helps you interpret, decode and understand the language in which the questions are posed, analyse tricky questions, keywords, and the meaning behind them, and much more.

Feel free to contact us for more guidance regarding this.

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Chandresh Mahajan
GATE AIR - 37 (ME), Ex-IOCL Officer

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